South Moravia: A different amazing place in Czech Republic

South Moravia: A different amazing place in Czech Republic

Visit Czech Republic? Prague and Bohemia region is for sure the most attractive places, but this beautiful country has so much more to offer. If you love cycling and nature, you should visit Moravian Tuscany. Moravian Tuscany, in Czech known as Moravské Toskánsko, is a very picturesque region in the southern part of Moravia. This particular region is located in the Hodonín District. It is one of the most photogenic locations in the Czech Republic, where people like to go to take beautiful landscape pictures with rolling hills, fields, lonely chapels. When traveling there, you can also meet a lot of dees, hares or boars. A similar scenery can be found in Tuscany, Italy, that is the reason why this region is called Moravian Tuscany.

Which cycling route to follow?

After arriving Kyjov, you can rent bicycles at tourist information center. The cost is quite cheap, only 100czk for 6 hours or 200czk for 24 hours with 1000czk for deposit. They only accept Czech koruna or credit card, so you should have enough Czech koruna before coming to Kyjov. You can book online here.


The most beautiful views you will find near the following villages: Šardice, Karlín, and Svatobořice. The other spots can also be found near Čejkovice, Sobulky, Nasedlovice, Stavěšice, Velké Bílovice, Strážovice, and Archlebov. Therefore, depending on how long you can bike, you can decide what route you should follow. You can find more information about cycling route on this website.

If you have only a half day, you can take the following route. This route is only 35km and take around 3-4 hours to finish.

When you ride along the small roads, you’ll see several field pulpits and tiny chapels. These little chapels are normally located in fields, on hills, or at crossroads. Sometimes they stand alone, but usually they are surrounded by some trees.


If you ride a car or motorcycle, you can explore all region in one day, and you also can go to Kunkovice and Chvalkovice to see some beautiful old windmills.


How to get there?

From Prague or Vienna: take the train or bus to Brno and then change to the train towards to Kyjov.

For the train and bus to Brno, you can check timetable and buy tickets on, regiojet or flixbus. For the train from Vienna to Brno, you also can purchase tickets on oebb, but buy tickets from Czech website will be a little bit cheaper.

For the train from Brno to Kyjov you can check timetable and buy tickets on

Where to stay?

You can stay at Kyjov, Strážovice, Šardice and explore this region. Or you can book a room at Brno and take the day trip from there. You just need to look for the accommodation in these towns by using some popular booking platforms like, Airbnb.

The best time to visit South Moravia is late spring and early autumn. From April to May, you can enjoy fantastic scenery with lush green wheat fields and bright yellow canola fields. While in Fall, you can find the rolling hills in various colors with fields and lines of autumn vineyards. So don’t forget to bring your camera with a telephoto lens to capture the beauty of this region.


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