Walk around Lake Vernago – A beautiful little-known reservoir in South Tyrol

Walk around Lake Vernago – A beautiful little-known reservoir in South Tyrol

Lake Vernago or Lago di Vernago is an artificial lake located in in the middle of Val Senales at 1,700 masl. It has been established in the 1950s when a 65 m high dam wall has been built, and eight farmsteads as well as a church were drowned in the waters. Sometimes still today the church tower can be seen at low water.


The emerald green lake covers about 100 hectares and is fed by the Senales river. At the lakeside, there is a small village of Vernago al Lago. In the surroundings of Lake Vernago, you have got numerous possibilities regarding leisure time activities. You can surround the lake on a circular trail which features by waterfalls, llamas, great views and several places to have a picnic. From the lake, you can also hike to Passo di Tisa mountain pass (3,200 masl), where the famous Ice Man mummy, Oetzi, has been discovered.


Which trekking trail to follow?

The bus will drop you at Vernago al Lago village. From there you can have some options to discover this lake. You can take a walk around the lake. This route is very easy, but you don’t have the stunning views from above. I suggest you take the following trail so that you can feel the full beauty, tranquility of Vernago. This trail is also quite easy and it will take you around 4-4.5 hours to finish.

This place is relatively little known and quite deserted, so it is great for a weekend picnic. Especially in the autumn, this place is dyed by so many colors: the yellow of the forest, the green of meadows, the blue of water and sky, the white of clouds and sheep… So if you plan to visit South Tyrol in autumn, you shouldn’t miss this place 😀


How to get there?

Similar to other places in South Tyrol, you can easy to reach lake Vernago by public transportation. You can easily use this website to find the route to go lake Vernago (Bus-Stop Vernago (Senales), Vernago). For more information about transportation and accommodation, you can read on my blog about Val di Funes, another beautiful place in South Tyrol.


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