Polignano a Mare – A little-known sea-side town in Italy

Polignano a Mare – A little-known sea-side town in Italy

Polignano a Mare is a small beautiful coastal town in Puglia. There can’t be too many prettier seaside towns in Italy than Polignano a Mare. Its medieval old town is characterized by houses built into limestone cliffs and caves above the deep blue waters of Adriatic Sea. The old town was once surrounded by city walls and a moat – these have gone now, but the old Roman gate still stands. This historic center is a maze of pedestrian streets, where you’ll easy to get lost in narrow alleys with white houses and hand painted stairs.

Order a cone of gelato in one of the small gelateria, listen to the church bells ring; enjoy incredible pizza or pasta, read the poetry written across doors and walls; enjoy the magnificent views from panorama balconies or catch the sun on the town beach and you won’t understand why so few tourists visit this town.

Polignano a Mare is 40km from Bari, and it can easy reach by train, so just go to the Trenitalia website and check timetables.

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